Welcome to Lifetime Aussie's
We are located in Indiana, PA  - which is located 2 hours East  of Pittsburgh. Indiana is the birthplace of the famous      "Jimmy Stewart."
We strive to raise healthy, happy, well socialized puppies. All our puppies are raised in our home. They are well socialized with  kids, other  dogs, cats and  horses. All in the country where they have room to roam,  a place to grow and  the  freedom to explore for a "Lifetime." I have groomed dogs since 1982, raised and trained coondogs with my dad and now working with my niece to raise the most wonderful dogs known to mankind. .......The Miniature Australian Shepherd.

It all started when my niece, Stephanie, got a little Mini Aussie. She named her ladybug...but because she had a miniature horse named lady, she started calling her Mini Aussie "Bug" then "Bugaboo" and the name "Bugaboo" is what we call her today. Everyone in our family fell in love with "Bugaboo." That lead to me getting a Mini Aussie. Then Stephanie and I decided to raise the Mini Aussie's, so others can enjoy this wonderful breed of dog as much as we do. We feel there is no other dog like the Mini Aussie.If a great companion dog in the 20lb to 35lb range, with easy trainability and devotion to your family is what you are looking for, you have found the right breed.                   

Lifetime Aussie's
Karen Wess
132 Stewart Run Rd
Indiana, PA 15701-6359
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