Herddoggies Rimfire Onyx Kai
  • DOB 2-25-06
  • Height 17"
  • 34 lbs
  • Registered CKC and ASDR
Kai produces some of the most beautiful puppies. He has a nice stocky build, a nice head and the most wonderful disposition!

 Three Acre Ranch Buck-a-Roo
  • DOB 11-27-07
  • Height 18"
  • 38 lbs
  • Registered APRI and CKC
Buck-a-Roo has the most laid back personality. He loves ALL the puppies and they love him ! He is going to be a GREAT Daddy in the near future. He is my pride and joy!

Three Acre Ranch Cosmo
  • DOB  08-07-07
  • Height 15"
  • 25 lbs
  • Registered MASCA and CKC

Cosmo loves to run and play.  He really loves to play in the water!!!  He is well built and we can't wait to see his babies in the near future.
May's Little Buddy
  • DOB 4-16-08
  • Height  15"
  • Weight 25 lbs
  • Registered ASDR
Buddy is our newest addition. He is my little sidekick. He loves Bella and Buck a Roo! He is a smaller version of Buck a Roo. He and Bella will have beautiful little babies! Can't wait to see them!
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